1. Angie is a Transformational, Dynamic and Delightful Being of Love and Light.

    “Angie is a transformational, dynamic and delightful being of love and light. She exudes love and compassion for her clients. I met Angie in April 2013 during a period in my life that where I was experiencing a lot of confusion, anger and fear. I was at the point where I was in need of guidance to my healing and finding out what the core issue was that I needed to work on. Angie guided me with c…Read More

    Amy Kahn Certified Holistic Health Coach, RMT, CHT, CHNP
  2. Angie Created an Environment Where I Felt Comfortable Opening up to Her and I Felt Supported

    “Angie created an environment where I felt comfortable opening up to her and I felt supported. I had a relaxing and healing experience and I feel that Angie’s words will reach me where they need to. I am interested in coming back to have another experience with hypnotherapy. Angie had such a nurturing and supporting energy that really worked for me during the session”…Read More

  3. I Really Liked Working with Angie!

    “I really liked working with Angie! She is a great Hypnotherapist! She has a very relaxing voice, a very calm demeanor and did a very good job. I feel so much better! Thank you”…Read More