You, the client, are able to work with a Health and Wellness coach who is a registered nurse, very skilled and knowledgeable in both holistic and western medicine to help you reach your ideal health.

A health and wellness coach starts by getting to know you, understanding where you are in your life and what your ideal life looks like. From there you, and (your coach) work together to establish goals and specific plans on how to reach your destination. Everyone is unique and will require an individualized healing plan. With your personal healing plan, and having someone to help and encourage you along your path, you are destined for success!

 A Health and Wellness Coach will help you by;

  • Helping you view your situation from different angles, possibly availing new options
  • Increasing your knowledge of treatment options
  • Increasing understanding of everything that goes along with your condition
  • Availing possible solutions or treatment options to your conditions
  • Exploring natural therapy options
  • Increasing confidence about solutions/alternatives
  • Assisting in working with your healthcare providers
  • Creating a new outlook on your current situation
  • Acting as a bridge between modern medicine and alternative/natural treatments
  • Serving as your hand to hold so you never feel alone on your health care journey

Have you ever wanted to ask your healthcare provider a question, but never felt they gave you the time you needed, or that they were unable to completely answer your question in a way you could understand?

A Health and Wellness Coach is able to provide more time, view the situation from a patients perspective, western medicines perspective and a holistic healing perspective. The combination of these different modalities and viewpoints aids in creating a complete picture. The more complete the picture the better the understanding and the clearer the path is to healing.