Guided Meditation/Hypnotherapy

Angie created an environment where I felt comfortable opening up to her and I felt supported. I had a relaxing and healing experience and I feel that Angie’s words will reach me where they need to. I am interested in coming back to have another experience with hypnotherapy. Angie had such a nurturing and supporting energy that really worked for me during the session” -CW

Guided Meditation is a state of deep relaxation that allows the body and mind to relax enough to allow deep healing to occur.  During Guided meditation the 

practitioner invites the client on a very comfortable, very relaxing journey of the mind. Through this process it allows the conscious mind to step back and allow the subconscious mind to work through problems, create new solutions, over come trauma and change unwanted behaviors, all while experiencing physical healing  through deep relaxation.  By allowing the conscious mind to take a step back and just observe, healing and processing is done quicker and easier.

The conscious mind remains present and will not allow any ideas or suggestions to be accepted that it would not typically accept. In other words, you will only do and think ideas you want, you will not do anything you do not want to say or do. You remain in complete control the whole time, you choose how relaxed you become and how much healing you are ready to receive.

Here at Healing Angles a certified/licensed professional will be working with you, guiding you through the process to treat or change a specific unwanted thought or behavior.

Together the practitioner and the client determine what thought or behavior is no longer serving them and then develop a new idea/behavior the client would like to replace the old idea/behavior with.

An example would be snacking:

The unwanted behavior would be reaching for chips, the new behavior would be drinking a glass of water instead of eating the chips. During the hypnotic state the old idea/behavior is removed and the new behavior is suggested, then next time the client has a craving for chips, they find themselves reaching for the water instead. Thus changing the behavior in a relaxed easy manor.

By replacing the negative behavior with a positive one, it will fill the void left by the old behavior; thus eliminating any feeling of need or desire for the old behavior.

Our bodies and minds have developed these behaviors over time, and do not completely go away after one session.

Depending on how deeply the behavior/idea is imbedded in the client it may take follow up sessions to keep reinforcing the new behavior. The mind/body can revert back to these old behaviors if continued work is not done.

Guided Meditation can be used to treat a wide variety of ideas and/or behaviors, including but not limited to:


  • Anxiety
  • Pain control/management
  • Feelings of well-being
  • Self-confidence
  • Negative thoughts
  • Negative beliefs
  • Weight management
  • Exercise habits
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Stress management
  • Creativity or motivational blocks
  • Self-healing
  • Fears, phobias, anxiety
  • Depression
  • Preparation for medical/dental procedures
  • Post trauma relief
  • Psychosomatic complains
  • Habit control
  • Academic performance
  • Life transitions
  • Athletic performance
  • And many more………