Find Ways To Relieve Your Stress

We have all had those moments when everything piles up and life seems like a little bit too much to handle. Feeling overwhelmed is natural and completely treatable. And, just because life seems like a lot to handle now, doesn’t mean it will stay like that.
At Healing Angles, we are dedicated to showing our clients new ways to detach themselves from their stressors and adopt a more tranquil mindset. Because so much of our lives are pressured by deadlines and expectations, having outlets to maintain a clear mind is important. Our practice focuses on the use of meditation and how it can improve your ability to cope with hard-hitting issues in your day-to-day life.
In this blog series, we will discuss some of the things you can do to relax your mind and body. By participating in these activities, you can find better ways to relax your mind in order to cope with stressful situations.

Calming Music

Music has been known to help clear the mind. For one, because music involves listening and focus, both of which can redirect your thoughts from negative, stress-heavy thoughts, to more calming ones. It has been found, that listening to music makes you calmer. However, there is only a certain type of music you should listen to. For instance, it is recommended that you listen to music that is around 60 beats per minute. But, why? Well, researchers at Stanford University found that the brain naturally synchronized with the beat of the music, causing alpha brain waves. These brain waves are around eight to 14 hertz, or cycles per second, and are present most when we are relaxed. In fact, it has been stated that listening to music that encouraged alpha brain waves is similar to taking medication for your anxiety. So, because music is a free and easy thing to access, it is by far one of the most popular anxiety treatments out there.

It has also been found that listening to music on your headphones reduces stress and anxiety in hospital patients or anyone with depression. Music that encourages alpha brain waves has been repeatedly confirmed to have positive effects on reducing stress. It also has been found that listening to music in an isolated area with headphones is a more effective way to focus on the music you are listening to.


Stress relievers can be anything, but most often they are activities that are primarily hand-intensive. Knitting, kneading, or squeezing actions are helpful because they will help you release tension in your body. Typically, it is best to own a stress-ball or play with puddie. Keeping your hands busy is a great way to distract yourself from anxiety-inducing thoughts. In many places of business, there are stress-balls available to help alleviate stress in employees and clients. However, there are other physical and mental activities you can do to release stress. When you are stressed out, it is best to redirect your thoughts to something else, such as a puzzle or an obstacle. Rubix Cubes, board games, and other physical games are all valuable ways to distract you to abandon your negative thoughts.
Doing hand-work is a great activity to encourage if you are feeling stressed. For one, relying on your hands to complete tasks is a great way to be productive and treat your anxiety. Knitting with yarn is a great way to focus in on one activity and still stay productive. With knitting, you can learn new stitches and make new garments for you and others. At the same time you are knitting, you are exercising your hands, keeping your mind sharp and focused, and redirecting your thoughts from feelings of stress.

Healing Angles

Another great way to calm yourself is by relying on meditation. Meditation is a great way to teach yourself to manually redirect your thoughts and even erase them. If you are interested, contact us today!