Corporate Meditation: Why is it Important?

Every day, you wake up, get dressed, and make your way to work. After work, you will go home, make dinner, and eventually go to bed, starting the cycle all over again. Routines are sometimes helpful to gain control of our day-to-day lives. However, having too much regimen in our day can take its toll emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
At Healing Angles, our business is designed to help our customers tap into their inner-selves and uplift their body and minds to perform in better, healthier ways. Though we offer meditation sessions with individuals, we also offer group sessions as well. Our corporate meditation sessions are quite popular, both because they help relax our customers, but also offer a bonding experience between works.

Sitting is the New Cigarette?

It has been found that 86 percent of American workers sit at a desk all day for their job. Of this 86 percent, 70 percent say they don’t like to sit, yet they do it anyway. In today’s work environment, sitting can be a real health hazard. For one, sitting in one location, without standing or walking around is bad for your blood circulation. Because your body isn’t allowed to properly move blood throughout your body, you could be at an added risk for blood clots and heart disease. Sitting could be argued as the new cigarette — both are seemingly harmless, but destructive when it comes to your health.
Not only does sitting ruin your circulation, but it can also ruin your posture and your blood sugar. Because you are most likely sitting, hunched over a computer, you are likely to develop an unhealthy posture where your spine is trained to curve and form a hump at the base of your neck. This can be a health concern because any adjustments to the position of your spine will affect other areas of your body as well.
Sitting can allow fat deposits to grow around your waist, and make it difficult to break down the sugars in your blood. Because you’re not moving throughout your day, your metabolism isn’t allowed to properly function, which will mean that obesity can be an issue as well.

How Healing Meditation Can Help Workers

Meditation is about finding peace with yourself and the world around you. It is also about disconnecting from external frustrations and focusing on more important things, such as your mental health. Meditation also pays close attention to posture and movement, as two ways to help stimulate the psyche and improve balance in your life.

Healing Angles

With the help of our corporate meditation sessions, your employees can gain focus and perspective. Meditation has been known to help with stress, metabolism, balance, strength, and even insomnia. If your employees are complaining of feeling lost, unproductive, and unfocused, perhaps meditation can help. Healing Angles is here to help all of our customers regain control of their body and spirit, as well as capturing a new sense of mindful focus. If you are interested in making your work environment more productive and peaceful, contact our business today.